Chris Roundy for NH

Dear friends and neighbors,

My name is Chris Roundy and I am running for the District 17 New Hampshire State Senate seat.

I am an attorney with a law practice in Dover. I grew up in Barrington and moved to Nottingham in 2010.

I am the past-president of the board of directors for Community Partners, a large non-profit in Strafford County serving the needs of those with developmental disabilities and mental health issues,having held that office for 6 years. My law practice specializes in facilitating communication between governmental agencies and my clients. I know the challenges facing the elderly, the disabled, and the economically disadvantaged portions of our population in dealing with the town, state, and federal government. I understand the role of diligent, dedicated and reasonable leadership and the need for communication between the government and the people.

With this background I will be able to hit the ground running in addressing the challenges the state currently faces, some involving ongoing litigation, and those beyond the horizon.

I will work with state and community leaders and residents to preserve the rural, self-sufficient character of our state while providing for its future and that of its people.

Thank you and I would appreciate your vote for the District 17 State senate seat on November 6, 2018.

Chris Roundy


Email: cgroundy@gmail.com

Phone: 603-661-3131