My name is Chris Roundy; I grew up in Barrington and have been living in Nottingham for the past 7 years with my wife Jaime and daughter Sydney. I went to college at UNH and law school in Boston; and for the past 14 years have maintained my law practice in Dover. I have also been on the board of Community Partners for the past 10 years. I help oversee their $30 million budget to provide mental health and developmental disabilities service for all of Strafford County. A little more background on me: I am an unrepentant ski bum at heart, a triathlete, and an Eagle Scout. I am running for office to destroy my law practice. That practice specializes in helping out people who have fallen through the holes in the system, whether that system is set-up by the State, the Feds, or private insurance companies. Currently I can help one person at a time, send me to Concord so we can help ALL our neighbors. We can do better together. Send me to Concord to be YOUR guy. I have been my client’s guy dealing with the feds, the state, and the insurance companies for 15 years. Please allow me the honor of being your guy in Concord. My name is Chris Roundy and I am asking for your support and your vote in November.

“As a life-long Granite Stater, I am committed to making our communities and families stronger. In the New Hampshire State Senate, I’ll be a tireless advocate for people who have slipped through the cracks."
Chris Roundy
For State Senate
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